Work experience letter and proving my work experience


Anshul has answered your question. As long as you can get experience letters you can claim them.


@avj I was curious to know, why the RA/TA/GA position wont count? It falls under NOC 4012. In my case, my entire work experience is as RA/TA/GA along with some internships in between, and some gaps during the summer for 3 months.


Hmm…I did a quick search and found this:

I distinctly remember reading on CIC website that RA/TA etc doesn’t count. Maybe they recently changed it I’m not sure, the page seems to be updated on Oct 19 2018 but I cannot find the old one. If there’s an NOC for it then please use it you don’t wanna lose out on those points.


Hello All,

I am the secondary applicant and have read the following most of the time.

  1. The secondary applicant’s proof of employment (with number of hours, salary, roles and responsibilities) is not required. A simple relieving letter (which states the start and end date, also the designation) would suffice. Is it true?

  2. Also I have read that the secondary applicant can add all his/her work experience related details in the Personal History field and leave the employment details blank.

My question is that is there anyone who has completed this process and got the PR without any hassle.


Hi, I have a question.
The secondary applicant’s work ex points are not added (unless Canada work ex) and hence not claimed.
So does he/she have to submit the referrence letters?

I am asking this in context to secondary applicant where EE profile was created with secondary applicant work ex details(no points received as India/US work ex) and now post ITA what are the steps if only the following documents are available - Releiving letter with designation held, the tenure and location work as a referrence letter and as supporting documents offer letter, promotion letters, salary slips, ITRs etc.


If you are stating that the secondary applicant has work experience, you need to submit reference letters. Now, the secondary applicant might not be able to collect the reference letter documents. In that case, please do what you can with the documents you have. See if they are in touch with a colleague from the previous companies and use their reference as a supporting documents.

Btw you have sufficient documents to support the experience. Relieving letter with designation, tenure and work location. Have you tried reaching out to the HR of the company? If you did and they denied providing a letter you could use that as a supporting document.


Thank you for answering.

Do CIC ask for secondary applicant’s experience/referrence letter upfront i.e. in the post ITA stage or they do an ADR after the post ITA docs are submitted?

How to show secondary applicant’s work exp if no further reference documents are available? I have heard many people suggesting to add the work exp in the personal history of the secondary applicant and add 0/ leave blank the work exp field. Is it true?

Also do CIC do a background verification with the employer/s?


Yes, you can move secondary applicant’s experience into personal history.
CIC - can do a background check if it wishes.

Post ITA when you submit your documents you need to include all supporting documents.


Thank you.