Work experience letter if I held multiple position at my job

I have been working in the USA since Jan 2011 for the same employer under different positions.
First Position: Accounting Intern
Second Position: Staff Accountant
Third Position: Business Management Analyst

Should I ask for 3 different reference/work experience letters from my employer.


No you need to get one letter which details the timeline of your employment and the positions you held. It’s important that all the years of experience you claim should match the NOC you are using. See the below link for more information on the work experience letter.

Thanks . Regarding the NOC number my current work experience is in providing support to employees with windows operating system, maintain and work on any issues with exchange server, developing customized reports for management using SQL queries, developing and maintaining company website. Some of the job responsibilities are related to IT, In my previous position i had accounting responsibilities. How can I find a NOC number. Thanks for your help again

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The easiest way to do this is to click the following link and follow the instructions under “Find your job title, code and skill type”. What you want to find is a NOC code where you have completed most of the duties listed in the job description. Hope this helps and best of luck.

I’m fairly certain you will not find an NOC number that includes IT work and Accounting. You will have to pick the one where you have the most years of experience and recent. Be sure to pick an NOC number that matches what your employers proof of work letter will say you did.

Thanks . what is your personal email address. Can I email you here


@sontisur sure that email works.

Does it matter how old is my experience…

CRS score calculator says:

In the last 10 years, how many total years of skilled work experience do you have?
It must have been paid, full-time (or an equal amount in part-time), and in only one occupation (NOC skill type 0, A or B).

I was working intially almost about 3 years , from 2011 to 2014…
So can i show that experience as its still within last 10 years… or there should be no gap… I have not worked after 2014 due to kid and visa restrictions…

While submitting my EE I included my India experience. It was a Junior consultant role (SAP consultant) and I used 2173. I don’t have a descriptive reference letter. Do I need to get one? Since it is beyond the 3 years of experience considered does it really matter? I.e. I’ve gathered 3 years in USA already, adding India would reflect 4.5 years.

It should be within the last 10 years as it says. Gaps are OK.

Thanks anshul… you and are always life savers :smiley:

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did you get this answer?
do we need to prove all experience submitted with EE before ITA… or do we need to just prove 3 years?

We need to prove the experience that we claim under work history. It can be 3 years or even 5. I ended up reaching out to to my company in India and getting a descriptive letter.

Thanks…we are little confused as we have not applied for any experience letter so we are not sure which 3 years experience we enter …
Is it not possible to enter all 11 years (2 companies and but may be total 3 NOCs) and later provide experience letter of whichever company or NOC we can receive for 3 or 5 years

You can edit the details after ITA. I remember putting down 4 of my experience but none of my experience during grad school (captured it in personal history post ITA).

I would recommend entering the recent 3 years as you might have changed career trajectory across the years.

yeah i am with current company for almost 7-8years…and not sure if my manager will provide me exact letter format… or if my last company will provide letter or not… i have generic experience letter from last company without duties in it…so i am little worried about

Do you have a colleague that can give you a letter? that can help support your case.

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Yeah that’s possible :slight_smile:

Then do that. You can attach the standard letter. Email from office declining your request for details to be added, and letter from colleague supporting your experience.

This should suffice.

Hi Vignesh,

Do you have a format for the colleague letter that I can use? I have requested an old colleague he was asking me a particular format. Could you please share if you have one.

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